Today was a new version of Shazam released, the famous and useful application that allows you to obtain the title of any song playing. This is Shazam Encore and costs $4.49.

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Shazam works very simply. When we hear a song we do not have to do is put our music into the device and click a button to know the information about the artist, song title, or the direct link to iTunes to buy it.

Encore is the premium version of Shazam with a new design and a new layout that gives it a higher speed as well as to additional functionality and unlimited tags. We may use the application to:

  • Sharing a musical moment: Sending our tags like Tweet, or as mini-feed on your Facebook page as well as postcards to other friends that Shazam can add the song to their collection.
  • Documenting your musical journey shows and maps within Shazam Tag together with a history of tags so you do not forget where you were when we heard that song for the first time.
  • Getting music recommendations: We discover new music similar to what we like with a kind of function "Genius" that we have already met with iTunes.
  • Access to the rankings: We see more tracks tagged in a ranking generated by the use of millions of other users in our own country and throughout the rest of the world. In this way we will know the new songs very popular and we can proceed with the hearing of the preview and then download.
  • We can find new tracks under the name of the artist, album or song within a database of 8 million songs
  • Help and tag: A practical way to use Shazam even when driving in the car and listening to music from the radio.
  • All tags can be customized with a photo or image and can be stored for offline access.

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