The Settlers, the beautiful strategic Gameloft, in which we find ourselves plunged into a wonderful universe in which the Romans, Vikings and Maya fight or help each other to reach new goals always has been granted. The price of the game past, from € 5,49 to 3,99 €.

The title is a little masterpiece inspired by the success of the PC version. We will find a perfect mix of strategy and building a gameplay designed specifically for iPhone and iPod Touch. The Settlers is compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch, requires firmware 2.2.1 or later and is localized in many languages, including Italian. For more information, refer to the full review. I remind you also that in the AppStore is also available in the Lite version of the application.

Here is finally a video demonstration:

Every day new information and rumors leaked of a iTablett. Those that we announce today concern the new orders made by Apple, with choices of 10 and praise.

It appears that orders were carried out mass regarding the size of the screens of 10 inches, the sturdy glass panels and connectors to connect everything in a special device.

According to DigiTimes, the company Innolux, part of the Foxconn Group, will provide panels for TouchScreen Tablet, instead Wintek, which was previously given as the primary supplier will have the task of producing panels for all orders after the "first and largest wave . Furthermore, it seems that Apple has devised a new method to reinforce the display through a glass support which will be produced by G-Teh Optoelectronics, another company's satellite Foxconn.

The rumors do not stop there, in fact the Economy Daily newspaper informs us that according to their sources, the company has ordered from the Apple Cheng Uei Precision Industry a series of connectors are also attributed to the Tablet

On an important figure both heads are in agreement, namely that the tablet should come into production by early January 2010 and should be sold within the month of March of that year.

Remember that a Keynote is already provided to the Yerba Buena Center of Arts in San Francisco on January 26.

Breaking rumors claim that iSlate not be the name of the Tablet but an eBook reader to compete against the Amazon Kindle. The wait is growing and will continue to keep you updated.

A few weeks ago we have talked about a new service launched by Apple, iTunes 12 days of gifts, which from December 26 until January 6 will allow us to download content 1 day in a totally free! E 'available from minutes the third content offerings. This is an application of which we see the details below.

As we had expected, leaked from the list appeared online in recent days, the application is available for free Trivial Pursuit, a classic board game in which players measure their skills by answering general knowledge questions, all strictly in English . This version is the same as that already granted a week ago because, by being able to enrich, we buy packages of applications via the In-App Purchase.

PowerAlert Vibration is a plugin for the MobileSubstrate very useful, in fact, allows you to be informed by the vibration when the battery of your iPhone or iPod Touch arrives at the threshold of 20%.

In cases where it is installed on the iPhone notification shall sotttoforma vibration, and, if installed on an iPod Touch we will be warned by a sound equal to that play when we attack the device to your PC.

PowerAlarm Vibration is available on the BigBoss repository on Cydia.

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