Twittelator Pro is certainly the most comprehensive client for Twitter and is available in AppStore just got a new update that brings it to version 3.5 with numerous new features will appear listing as:

* Added landscape mode;
* Possibility to insert in tweet the song you're listening through iPod;
* Refresh similar to Tweet 2;
* Update the information in your account;
* Geotagging of tweet;
* Option to see the tweet geotaggati near you;
* Available over 3,500 subjects Themes section;
* Find people by name complete;
* Improved search window;
* Optimizations general conversations, upload images and details view;
* The user profile shows if you protected or monitored;
* The lists and profiles are stored for quick opening;
* Swipe Right to tweet on retwettare and to view the details of the user;
* Fixed several problems with the code and bug-general;

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