BigBoss also now has its own repository and Beta is through this that has made available BossPaper, the application that allows you to change the background of Springboard and proposing an alternative as much light, fast (but limited) for WinterBoard. After an initial version, 0.91, which was quite unstable sending the iPhone in SafeMode, BossPaper was promptly updated to 0.92 solve all problems.
IMG_0255 IMG_0256 IMG_0257

Launching the application can enter the Folder to select / add the folders from which to draw backgrounds for use on the Springboard. If we decide to select a folder with many images, we see that the background of Springboard will change every respring.

Images via Dock can eliminate the background of the dock, set the semi-transparent, and more than halved again.

See Slideshow & Transitions allows us to set the animations to the closure of applications or time set. That is to say that when you emerge from a home by clicking on the button, the background of the springboard will change with the next image in this folder (or pack) selected at the beginning.

IMG_0258 IMG_0259 IMG_0254

Clicking on Transitions can set the animation desired, looking by clicking on a symbol.

So the promises well, because complements of nice features and never seen before. However, the use of this beta is not recommended for new iPhone users, because it could create some problemino solved via SSH.

BossPaper To install simply open Cydia and add the BigBoss repository beta found in the Changes section.

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