The repository of biteSMS Beta has been released the final version of the new 4.2, which is moved in the Community Sources as soon as completed translations. The novelty compared to 4.1 and many are listed below:

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* Added a new "Marks QuickReply as Read", which allows you to mark as read the messages that appear in pop-up.
* Added a switch in QuickReply that lets you mark messages as read or unread.
* The counter SMS now can be reset automatically every day (especially useful for those who have the Vodafone Infinity SMS or any other promotion that offers a number of free messages each day.)
* Added the display of smileys in QuickReply
* Fixed some bugs in the flow of pop-up on QuickReply
* Fixed many other bugs, including one not allowed to climb the credits correctly by QR and QC
* The "Send" button in the English version will be greater as the counter of characters;
* The faces will be visible in the popup lockscreen preview;
* A new function, "International biteSMS use", which if active, always use the network and claims to send the SMS to international numbers considered;
* Ability to sign messages (like in Mail);
* With the app open, via a double tap on 'SMS, you can choose to delete it or forward it;
* You will be limited to 7 lines, the growth of the text vertically, making it easier scrolling;
* Improve the area for the closure of QC or QR (will be easier to click the X);
* Overall speed increased;
* In the settings, the QR will have a menu separately;
* Arrange the problems of incompatibility between Cylay and Cyntact;
* Fixed a display bug when biteSMS is open, the phone is locked;
* Some little bugs in the QC;
* The option "Auto-Switch" will operate in two modes quick (QR and QC);
* Fixed some bugs in the writing of the MMS;
* In QuickReply you can click on the text long to call the function "Copy"
* In QuickReply you can click a long or double-click on the text of the incoming message to retrieve the "Trash" which will delete the message.
* Added a new configuration in the settings that allows you to enable or disable smileys

BiteSMS found in Cydia through the repository:

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