Here is a whole lead, letting you to browse the WAP with Vodafone right away from your iPhone, employing the entry to purpose As you recognise the binding Wap is the cheapest (but in addition slower and limited), so be favourable population who have no endorsement Web (such as Vodafone Pack for iPhone) and like to surf the internet, with small number needs.

We commence with the offer endorsements presently started on the Vodafone WAP:

1. The Mobile Internet pick, which charges € 3 per week (the first is free) and sort of Flat.

2nd Plans Zero Limits with Option Zero Limits, which charges € 1 per week (the first is free) and is a flat until September 30, after which cost 29 cents for each entry to through the Vodafone Live! (then the compensation is not hard to circumvent).

* IPhone with Firmware 3.0 jailbroken
* OpenSSH installed. Low learning employing WinSCP or Cyberduck
* Vodafone Sim nell'iPhone embraced with energetic WAP internet endorsement


First reset all web surroundings, so we move into into Settings> General> Reset> Reset Network Settings

For ease was organised Vodafone Bundle individually fitted out, to be fitted through iTunes. The Bundle embraces, amid other things, some modifications that might interest you:

* Ability to change the APN from the items Mobile Data Network (usually hidden)
* APN pre-set
* MMS running
* Fast Custom Codes Vodafone IT "in the items Phone
* Office Button modified and returned with call to 404 (balance)

IMG_0353 copia IMG_0355 IMG_0352 copia

1. Get the Bundle here: Vodafone_it_custom.ipcc

2nd We consignment the collection through iTunes, snap the ALT key (mac) or SHIFT (windows) keyboard + "Check Updates" and picking the file. IPCC just downloaded. If iTunes does not sanction this, view at the points chase 3a or 3b of this lead, so as to be competent to "unlock" function.

3rd Once stacked the collection, depart to your iPhone by SSH and posizionatevi in the directory: "/ confidential / var / preferences /".

4th Download and unpack this record, and move into the "proxy.pac and SystemConfiguration" in the earlier list of directions "/ confidential / var / preferences /". (If you like you can make a backup of the records beforehand, before overwrite).

5th Restart the iPhone and when you will be re-lit, you can savour connecting to the internet by WAP. Try to open Safari and sort in the address (just to declare one). Remember, even so, that the binding is not high-speed and that some pieces of paper may not be in the right way displayed. Also review that the endorsement WAP is energetic and that are not rose the money.

Note: It looks like that getting clear of the SIM to put another time, you mislay the modifications made by SSH, and in this case, you ought duplicate step number 4.

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