Our Andrea Busi (bubidevs) has recently updated his ebook on programming with XCode. You arrive to version 1.3 with many new features that are listed below:

Adjusted the font of all these pieces of code, now is the same that is used by the new XCode 3.2 (Menlo size 11).
Fixed sections 4, 5, 6: with XCode 3.2 does not work any more (the sections were no longer Outlet and Action in Interface Builder), because with XCode 3.2 are also made changes to Interface Builder.
Completely rewritten chapter 10 on views: it was changed approach, now is based on the management of multiple files. Xib (easier and versatile). (thanks Fabio for the test)
Changed the order of chapters 10-11-12, now is a more logical order (Chapter 10 is on 12, while the other two climbed one position)
Fixed the first code of the second part of the tutorial tables (Chapter 11), was incorrect header (reported in the old code)
Chapter 11 (ex 12): Correct title, clarified some passages that could be ambiguous. (thanks Fulvio)
Chapter 11 (ex 12): elimination of unnecessary lines of code in the class "TabellaController"
Added Chapter 13 sull'SQL
Chapter 8: fixed a flaw in the uploading of files to be local, are now loaded correctly (the previous version showed only the instruction "file: / /" but it did not work properly)
Remember that the book costs just 3 € and can only be downloaded online in digital format. It's called "practical tutorial for the iPhone SDK" and can be found here. Obviously the update is free and can be downloaded from here.

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