Several hours ago, GeoHot has exchanged messages with the attacker on Twitter Scott Yatur who apparently has already managed to fully unlock the new baseband of the iPhone. And shows that in a videoThe video shows that the iPhone works with the SIM unofficial and therefore should soon reach even the application. Recall that this is the latest baseband, the 05.11.07, particularly useful to owners of an iPhone 3G and 3GS foreigner.

Update: Scott Yaturha suddenly removed the videos, your account on Qik and even on Twitter. And 'There is already completely disappeared from the web who asks: It was all fake? Probably .. Expect a new Tweet from GeoHot that probably will tell us the truth.

Update 2: Someone had hacked into the account of Scott, but now is back and has just sent the exploit to GeoHot via email. Soon he will comment and therefore can confirm or deny the funzionamneto hack the baseband. (thanks Ledjuan)

Update 3: Scott, through a new tweet, informed that after the tests performed by GeoHot, his exploits creates and produces errors that prevent the release of the hack. However, there is nothing alarming everything will be improved or will be directly GeoHot to issue his. The release of a baseband is imminent!

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