One of the main problems encountered by users of iPhone 3G and 3GS is the battery life which, with the push notifications enabled, can not exceed the half-day of life.

This year came out on the market many additional batteries, which are connected to the door of the dock and provide additional autonomy to our phone.
Unfortunately, sometimes these "remedies" do not appear to be effective: for example if we forget the charger cable at home before leaving for vacation in a couple of days we can say "goodbye" to our iPhone.iphonesolar-pm

Motion Touch, is specialized in the production of tools for iPhone and iPod, has recently announced the commercialization of a new battery for the phone that uses solar energy to recharge. Powcell, is the name of the product, is in fact a typical additional battery that is also "slot" for the mobile: the novelty, however, is formed from the back, a small photovoltaic panel that charges the battery using solar energy. This is brilliant, and that will only limit the "capacity" of the battery, is able to provide only 450 milliamps for each hour of exposure to the sun to fully charge the iPhone and then serve at least 3 hours.

The price is 59, 99 pounds, (about 70 euros), and you can order it or find additional information on the website of the manufacturer at

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