Making ringtones is very easy!

Here are a couple of that's show you how to make your own ringtones:

1. start iTunes and after that select the piece of music file you desire as your new ringtone.
2. Play the .mp3 and watch the time and choose what bit of the song is going to be your ringtone. Remember that for an iPhone, ringtones can only be 40 seconds long.
3. Take note of the time where you desire the ringtone to start and end of the ringtone remember the 40 second limit.
4. "Right click" on the song then choose "Get Info".
5. Select "Options" tab.
6. Under the "Options" tab you should you see a location to fill in the start and stop times.
7. Click the time for "Start" and put in the time for the ringtone to start.
8. Now click the time for the ringtone to "Stop" and put in the time for the ringtone to stop. iTunes will automatically slash it off the pitch after 40 seconds if you do not manually set it up. Press OK to close the dialog box.
9. Right click the selected piece of song and then choose "Create ACC Version".
10. After iTunes has converted the document, right click it and choose "Delete" iTunes will ask you if you desire to keep the song, choose "Keep".
11. The document will then be deleted from iTunes, but will stay on your hard drive. Browse your melodies folder, you should find a document converted with an elongation of .m4a. This is what you need for your ringtone.
12. Right click the song and select "Rename". Change the songs ending to .m4r.
13. Double click on the document and it will open in iTunes.
14. The document is now prepared for use as a ringtone. Connect your iPhone and sync ringtones and you are all set.

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