We have already seen what the Jailbreak, then we should expose all of the main reasons to run, so that each of you can assess for themselves whether or not it agrees.

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Why run the Jailbreak:

* Use the OpenSSH: on your iPhone to transfer files to your computer (or vice versa) via WiFi or USB. We will then be able to use our device as a Hard Drive, and we will enter the file system to modify at will.

* Receive and send MMS via the application SwirlyMMS

* Video Recording: by applying Cycorder

* Copy / paste: Thanks to our Clippit Clipboard application, you can add one of the most desiderte by all Copy / paste.

* Use your iPhone as a modem for surfing the internet from your computer using the connection of the mobile phone. This is called "Tethering" and is made possible by several applications. One of all: PdaNet.

* Unlock Bluetooth: Thanks to iBluetooth you can exchange files with other computers or other phones through bluetooth.

* Offline Browsing: Pre-loaded maps of Italy in xgps or Offline Maps, browse offline using the GPS in iPhone 3G, or buying an accessory part.

* Download files from Safari: It can download torrent, video, audio, etc archives.
Just use the Safari Download Plugin or the application dTunes.

* View Flash video in Safari: Using the plugin iMobileCinema, you can play many types of flash video in web pages site.

* Custom Graphics: can create and use themes to completely change any component in the iPhone with simple graphic images in PNG format and application Winterboard.

* Use Widgets: Small applications for use on the StatusBar Lockscreen or for information on weather, or for service call and no answers unread SMS.

* Running applications Backgorund: Using the application Backgrounder, available on Cydia, add a TaskManager on the iPhone, which will ensure not to terminate the application when you click the Home button. In this way we have the opportunity to run multiple applications simultaneously and is particularly useful in the case of IM as Fring, IM Beejive, Nimbuzz, Palringo etc.
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Why not run the Jailbreak: Why not run the Jailbreak:

The only reason not to run the Jailbreak is the illegality of the action and the consequent invalidation of the warranty of the device. But according to all the experiences (many) collected to date, in case of problems, just restore the iPhone or iPod Touch with the original firmware, and the Jailbreak will be deleted.
The Apple Retail stories will not protect you in the iPhone, then the warranty really is never lost. . (At least so far has gone well)

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