Are increasingly insistent voices on Google and the possibility of entering into an even more direct competition with Apple, the iPhone, and even iTunes! Apparently, in fact, the guys at Google are developing the first smartphone owner, not only in software (with the Android OS), but also in hardware.

A true multi-touch Googlefonino characteristics yet to be discovered and that, because of the closeness with Apple, could really surprise us.

The rumors do not end there as TechCrunch has just unveiled the agreements between Google and major music companies to build a new international service called Google Audio, which could provide the ability to stream music and buy it in digital format with a simple download, just as in iTunes.

Please note that Google also has a dedicated proprietary service payments, similar to PayPal, GoogleCheckout called using the same account for Gmail, Google Reader etc.. This would facilitate payments and lower ulteriormenti maintenance costs for download less expensive than that currently offers iTunes.

We'll see!

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